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Funful English Primary School offers the British National Curriculum, which has been adapted to meet the needs of our students who may wish to pursue their further and higher education either in Hong Kong or overseas country. To ensure that we fulfill the requirements of the curriculum our school has registered with the Cambridge Assessment International Education, which is part of the University of Cambridge.

Our School is committed to providing a global education and the achievement of academic excellence. At Funful English Primary School we offer a balanced curriculum in both English and Chinese, nurturing students to be critical thinkers, inquirers and knowledgeable individuals, who are compassionate, understanding and willing to make a difference in the world we live in. We aim to foster the development of the whole child in a caring and supportive environment, and believe that students at our school should learn not only to care for society, and love their families.

In order to continue our aim of providing quality education for our next generation and to help them build a solid foundation, our curriculum emphasizes the importance of both English and Chinese languages, as well as Mathematics and Science, enabling our students to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to pave the way towards academic excellence. In addition, we also provide opportunities for students to develop their artistic talents by encouraging them to participate in performances, competitions and extra-curricular activities both by the school and outside the school.

The curriculum at our primary school ties in with the British Curriculum, which we are also implementing at our secondary school leading to IGCSE and A’ levels. This will thus enable our students to be better prepared for their academic studies in the secondary school. The school also prepares students with residential status for the secondary school allocation places provided by the Education Bureau of Hong Kong. Our school is within the K3 net of allocation and within this school net are well-renowned secondary schools. Many of our Funful Alumni are currently studying in both local and overseas Universities achieving excellent results, they are pride of Funful!